Monzo launches industry-first β€˜call status’ tool
1/15/2024, 1:52:00 PM (about 1 month ago)

We are excited to announce that a few months back we launch an industry-first tool to allow customers to see if they were currently on a call with Monzo.
This is another step in our efforts to fight fraud for our customers.
Link to article in the Independent

πŸ‘‹ Rules of Engagement Reminder
9/29/2023, 4:40:43 PM (5 months ago)
10/4/2023, 9:01:25 AM

We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm in contributing to our disclosure program and helping us maintain a secure and robust system.

😀 However, we have noticed instances where the maximum allowed requests per second are being greatly exceeded. We'd like to emphasise the importance of adhering strictly to the program rules and guidelines, including the specified rate limits for requests.

It's crucial that we maintain fairness and integrity within the disclosure program to ensure a balanced and positive experience for all participants.

πŸ™ We kindly request your cooperation in honouring the specified rules of engagement for the program.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts in helping us maintain a secure environment. Happy hacking (but please follow the rules!) πŸš€

πŸš€ Launch Day!
9/26/2023, 9:02:00 AM (5 months ago)

Annnnd liftoff! πŸš€ The vulnerability disclosure program is go! πŸŽ‰

Welcome to the Monzo vulnerability disclosure program! πŸ‘‹

We've been working really hard to get this program setup, and hope it will help security researchers report their findings to us.

This is as our main location where any bugs can be reported to us. Please use this as the first instance if you want to raise any bugs! πŸ‘

We generally respond quicker to bugs raised via this program than other means!

We look forward to seeing what you all find! Happy hunting! 🏹