Uphold 2024 Bug Bounty Refresh
2/8/2024, 5:38:53 PM (3 months ago)
4/24/2024, 11:01:39 AM


It’s been a while, and we’ve been hard at work building more things for you to break. We’ve recently released Uphold Vault (part of the Uphold Wallet application) and UpHODL, two flagship products that we’re very proud of.

We would love to see all of the improvements that we can make to these products, so for every vulnerability found (and validated by both the Intigriti team and by us) for these two products before 31/06/2024, we’ll give you a 30% bonus!

In this update we’ve also expanded our scope to include new applications (including Topper), added a bonus scheme for exceptional vulnerabilities that would have a significant business impact, and upped our bounties. Please check it all out and see what you can find.

As always, happy hunting!

The Uphold Team

Major changes to Uphold program
1/20/2022, 11:30:47 AM (over 2 years ago)

Dear Intigriti Hunters,

We've made massive changes to our program, with a re-focus on bugbounty for 2022.

We'd love you to take a new look at the scope, as we've introduced new tier levels and new scopes.

And bigger bounties

We look forward to seeing you, happy hunting!

The Uphold Team

Help us improve our program for you!
10/27/2021, 10:46:05 AM (over 2 years ago)

Hello Intigriti Researchers.

Can you help us make our program awesome? Please answer these short questions on bounties and scope so we can make the changes you want!
Survey Link

Thank you for your help, we will review your responses and take action shortly. Watch this space :)

Uphold August Bonus!
7/14/2021, 11:46:59 AM (almost 3 years ago)

Hello Security Researchers,

For every High, Critical or Exceptional vulnerability found (and validated by the Intigriti team) in August, you will get an extra €500.

Please take a look at our platform and dig away, looking for vulnerabilities.

Happy Hunting!

Uphold Security Team