Happy holidays
12/22/2021, 4:01:56 PM (9 months ago)
12/22/2021, 4:02:46 PM

First of all a big thank you for researching our program over the last couple of months, we've received some very valuable feedback which helped us to improve and secure our product even better!

Recently we released a new version of our wallet solution (both https://wallet.venly.io and https://api-wallet.venly.io) which, besides various small bugfixes and improvements, introduced two main features:

  1. in addition to the chains we already supported, we've now also added support for Hedera
  2. The activity tab of a wallet now shows the full history instead of only Venly related actions

We also restructured our Intigriti programs; mainly we merged our Venly Market program into this program and renamed it to just Venly. Meaning that from now on you can also research our Market application (https://venly.market) and submit reports for it in this program. Please read the In scope section, to read how you can research it with test currency instead of real currency.

Lastly, we wish you happy holidays and all the best for the new year!

Yours truly,

The Venly Team

Arkane Network becomes Venly
6/14/2021, 9:58:36 AM (over 1 year ago)

We are excited to announce that Arkane is rebranding to Venly! 🙌

More info can be found in this article: https://www.venly.io/post/arkane-network-becomes-venly

For now this means that we updated the domain for our UI, but the others will be updated shortly.