New login flow and new mobile apps
5/9/2022, 6:58:09 AM (7 days ago)

Hi all!
We have some fresh tech for you to try out. We completely revamped the technology behin our accounts, session management, and login flows. Nothing really new in the front end, but crucial technology in the backend.
Next to that our apps (both android and iOS) for GAMMA NL and Karwei are completely renewed with a lot more native components, and more to come.

So have a go at these fresh releases and looking forward to your submissions!

Happy hunting 🏹

Intergamma Team

Black Friday Hunt @ Intergamma
11/23/2021, 10:29:32 AM (6 months ago)

Hi all,

Holiday season is coming up, and we have a great Black Friday opportunity for you! 🚨

**All valid submissions that are submitted on Friday November 26, or Saturday November 27, can receive a bonus of 35% on tier 1 and 2 domains, and a 75% bonus on tier 3 domains!

So fire up Burp suite, get comfortable, and happy hunting! 🏹

Intergamma Team

Introducing Tier 1 bounties!
10/21/2021, 8:34:55 AM (7 months ago)

Hi all,

Today we added tier 1 bounties! These will apply to our core ecommerce URLs (www, mijn, and kassa) as these are most important to us. Also various other in scope items have moved from tier 3 to tier 2.
We also added a small disclaimer under our 'in scope' section on third party components we load in iFrames.

Happy hunting! 🏹

Intergamma team

New Loyalty program is live on
5/19/2021, 12:23:25 PM (12 months ago)

Hi all,

Recently we have luanched our brand new customer loyalty program in Belgium. You can now collect points by shopping. These points can be used to get a discount or a free product when you shop in store or online.
Please visit You can register your loyalty card online, and immediately benefit from a welcome-bonus.

We of course like to see you shop at our (online) stores, but also very curious if you find other ways to obtain or redeem your(?) points... 🤑💸

Happy hunting! 🏹

Intergamma team

New subdomain in scope - zabbix
4/15/2021, 11:30:34 AM (about 1 year ago)
4/21/2021, 7:18:52 AM

Hello everyone!
Ever heard of Zabbix? Well, we are using it. We just explicitely put in scope as this is something we need to expose, but want to make sure its hardened well enough against attackers 😈 .

Take a shot at it and let us know what you find!

Thanks for joining our program and happy hacking! 🚀 🙌

New mobile app added to the scope!
4/1/2021, 12:41:56 PM (about 1 year ago)

Hi all, we have a great addition to our scope: We recently launched a brand new app (iOS and Android) fully dedicated to paint, with a nice AR feature. A lot of web views to the website, but still worth to take a look at!

Happy hunting! 🚀
Intergamma team

Domains added to scope
3/25/2021, 11:38:43 AM (about 1 year ago)

Dearly beloved researchers!

We have updated our scope to include subdomains of, recruiting websites, and some other domains we use. Plenty to go about!

Stay tuned for more updates with a new app coming up, and a new important feature to our ecommerce sites.

Happy hunting! 🚀

Intergamma team