Red Bull appreciates the work of security researchers to make the internet a better - and more secure - place. Even though we aim to prevent security issues by applying state-of-the art development and operations processes, systems and technical services outside our direct control might have vulnerabilities and weaknesses and we aim to identify and address those before any negative impact occurs. As appreciation we have a unique reward system in place, please see FAQ for more information.


Responsible disclosure

Rules of engagement
Not applicable
max. 5 requests/sec
Not applicable

Our promise to you

  • Once the triage period is over a Red Bull employee will get in touch with you regarding your finding as soon as possible
  • We are happy to respond to any questions, please use the button in the right top corner for this.
  • We respect the safe harbour clause that you can find below

Your promise to us

  • Provide detailed but to-the point reproduction steps
  • Include a clear attack scenario. How will this affect us exactly?
  • Remember: quality over quantity!
  • Please do not discuss or post vulnerabilities without our consent (including PoC's on YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Please do not use automatic scanners -be creative and do it yourself! We cannot accept any submissions found by using automatic scanners. Scanners also won't improve your skills, and can cause a high server load (we'd like to put our time in thanking researchers rather than blocking their IP's 😉)
  • You'll limit your acitivity to user accounts that belongs to only you.
  • You won't cause any harm to the brand of Red Bull and/or it's consumers.


No Bounty

+ ~ 2300 other domains - if it is confirmed to be Red Bull related domain then it's in scope

No Bounty

Easy way to verify if a domain belongs to Red Bull is to have a look-up on the whois record.

Information you need to look for:
Red Bull GmbH,
Am Brunnen 1,
Fuschl am See,

IOS and Android apps related to Red Bull

No Bounty
In scope

We are happy to give a wide scope for the researchers. See the in scope domains in the section above. The out of scope list can be found below.

Out of scope

Highlighted OOS

  • RXSS on *
  • Findings related to Jira are out of scope
  • Any information disclosure (phpinfo, files, directories) that contains no sensitive information like credentials, personal data and so on.


  • * (this domain does not belong to us...)
  • * (this domain does not belong to us but to Major League Soccer...)
  • * (this domain does not belong to us...)
  • wingtips*
  • dp*
  • thanks.redbull.*
  • thx.redbull.*
  • applications that are related to thx/thanks project

Automated Scanning/Fuzzing:

If you use automated tools, more then 5 requests per second are prohibited


  • Self-XSS
  • CSRF
  • Content Injection
  • Disclosed or misconfigured Google API keys
  • Verbose messages/files without disclosing any sensitive information
  • CORS misconfiguration on non-sensitive endpoints
  • Missing cookie flags
  • Missing security headers
  • Cross-site Request Forgery with no or low impact
  • Presence of autocomplete attribute on web forms
  • Reverse tabnabbing
  • Bypassing rate-limits or the non-existence of rate-limits.
  • Best practices violations (password complexity, expiration, re-use, etc.)
  • Clickjacking
  • CSV Injection
  • Host Header Injection
  • Sessions not being invalidated (logout, enabling 2FA, pw change,...)
  • Hyperlink injection/takeovers
  • Mixed content type issues
  • Cross-domain referer leakage
  • Anything related to email spoofing, SPF, DMARC or DKIM
  • Username / email enumeration
  • E-mail bombing
  • HTTP Request smuggling without any proven impact
  • Homograph attacks
  • XMLRPC enabled
  • Banner grabbing / Version disclosure
  • Open ports without an accompanying proof-of-concept demonstrating vulnerability
  • Weak SSL configurations and SSL/TLS scan reports
  • Not stripping metadata of images
  • Disclosing API keys without proven impact
  • Same-site scripting
  • Arbitrary file upload without proof of the existence of the uploaded file
  • Broken link hijacking (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... etc.)
  • Subdomain takeover without taken over the subdomain


  • Theoretical security issues with no realistic exploit scenario(s) or attack surfaces, or issues that would require complex end user interactions to be exploited, may be excluded or be lowered in severity
  • Spam, social engineering and physical intrusion
  • DoS/DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, heavy fuzzing or mass registrations.
  • Vulnerabilities that are limited to non-current browsers (older than 3 versions) will not be accepted
  • Attacks requiring physical access to a victim’s computer/device, man in the middle or compromised user accounts
  • Recently disclosed zero-day vulnerabilities in commercial products where no patch or a recent patch (< 2 weeks) is available. We need time to patch our systems just like everyone else - please give us 2 weeks before reporting these types of issues.
  • Reports that state that software is out of date/vulnerable without a proof-of-concept.
  • Any type of access to personal data which exceeds the action of obtaining proof for a certain vulnerability.
  • Exploitation of non-internet facing systems which includes any attacks that are conducted over internal network of Red Bull.
  • Installing persistent backdoors.
  • Change of system settings or conducting delete operations.
  • Pursuing vulnerabilities which send unsolicited bulk messages (spam) or unauthorized messages
Severity assessment

As a general rule of thumb, severity assessments will be based upon their respective CVSS v3 score, with the factors below taken into account to raise or lower the final severity score:

We keep up the right to change the severity rating based on our internal assessments of criticality.

Please be aware that Exceptional ratings only apply for Remote Code Execution on assets tied to our business critical core infrastructure - there are several intependend networks with different criticalities and known risks in place - some of them do have more vulnerable assets deployed by our knowledge where RCE is no surprise and therefore are isolated in these "silos".


Is it possible to earn any reward?

Yes, we do appreciate the time and effort of each individual researchers and even though we do not give out monetary reward we are happy to award some "Care Package" based on the severity of the reported finding.

Is there a place where I can see what rewards are applicable for specific severities?

Sure, please find more information below.

  • None/Informational - No reward
  • Low - No reward
  • Medium - 1 tray of Red Bull
  • High - 3 trays of Red Bull
  • Critical - 6 trays of Red Bull
  • Exceptional - Red Bull Surprise
  • Duplicate - No reward
  • Perfect written reports for accepted issues which are understandable also for non-security people - 1 tray of Red Bull

How do I get my reward?

We do shipment of reward(s) based on your Intigriti profile. Please make sure your profile, from address to telephone number is filled with the right information.

Is there a way to get in touch with you regarding the status of the reward?

Yes, but please do not discuss and/or submit any query regarding your submission. We keep up this channel solely for questions regarding reward.


We will try to do our best, to get back to you as soon as possible based on our availability.

Can I submit report(s) on different channels rather than Intigriti platform?

Please note that we do not reward any submissions that aren't received through our trusted partner Intigriti.

All aboard!
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