New application
2/22/2024, 2:45:36 PM (7 days ago)


We put a new webapp into production.
To celebrate this, we will give an additional bonus of 30% of the awarded bounty for a limited time only: till the Friday the 29th of March.

Happy hunting


New Year's Bounty Bonanza
12/29/2023, 8:36:51 AM (2 months ago)

Greetings fellow bug-bounty hunters!

We're thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all of you researchers out there. As a token of our appreciation for your dedication and expertise, we're introducing a limited-time bonus offer that gives you an incredible 30% extra reward for every valid bug bounty submission.

Details of the Bonus:
From now until February 1st, 2024, you have the chance to supercharge your bug bounty earnings. This means that if you discover and responsibly disclose a security vulnerability for our systems during this period, you'll not only be eligible for the standard reward but also receive an additional 30% bonus on top of it.

How to Qualify:
Participating in this bonus program is easy! Here's a quick guide on how to qualify for the 30% bonus:

  • Discover a Security Vulnerability: Find and responsibly report a valid security bug within our systems.

  • Submit Before February 1st, 2024: Ensure that your bug bounty submission reaches us before the deadline to be eligible for the bonus.

  • Adhere to Responsible Disclosure Guidelines: Please follow our responsible disclosure guidelines when reporting vulnerabilities.

Why the Bonus?
We appreciate the hard work and dedication our bug bounty community puts into helping us maintain a secure environment. This bonus is our way of expressing gratitude for your commitment to keeping our systems safe and secure.

Summer bonus
6/27/2022, 11:36:47 AM (over 1 year ago)
6/27/2022, 11:36:58 AM


Just a reminder that reports submitted in tier 1 and tier 2 before Friday get an extra bonus of 30% of the bounty value!
During July and Augustus we will give an extra bonus of 25% for submitted reports in tier 3.

Enjoy the summer and happy hunting!

The UZ Leuven Security Team

Extra bonus in June
6/7/2022, 6:22:20 AM (over 1 year ago)


Today we will open the program for everybody.
We will also pay out an extra bonus of 30% of the bounty in June for valid submissions in our tier 1 and tier 2.

Happy hunting!

Public website added to Tier 1
5/18/2022, 8:52:14 AM (almost 2 years ago)


We added our public website to Tier 1.

kind regards

Added new wildcard domain
5/9/2022, 1:52:26 PM (almost 2 years ago)

Hi all,

We just added a new wildcard domain to our tier 3:


Happy hunting!
The UZ Leuven Security Team

Changes to our scope
4/26/2022, 12:35:27 PM (almost 2 years ago)
4/26/2022, 12:37:44 PM

Hi all,

Due to a recent submission regarding a data leakage we have decided to temporarily block external access to and to remove it from the scope.
All new submissions for this asset can still be accepted if valid, but will be in the no-bounty-tier. We will still hand out bonusses for well-made reports :)

Happy hunting!
The UZ Leuven Security Team

Relaunch: Scope additions & bounty updates
4/19/2022, 8:06:47 AM (almost 2 years ago)

Hi all,

We are relaunching this program, with a lot more scope (Wildcards) and higher bounties!

As previous contributor, we would like to give you the chance to join this program first, before we move back to a public program.

Happy hunting!
The UZ Leuven security team